Expandable Table Rows in JavaFX

Not so fully featured 

WPF tables offer a nice feature for showing a row "details" that is not supported in Java (Swing or FX). Someone recently asked me if it was possible to implement something similar in Java FX. After a lot of Google searches I realized there is nothing out there in the community to accomplish anything even remotely like this. You know what that means right? I HAD to do it. Uncharted territory is so much fun!

Included Files

package: codemonkeycorner.expandabletablerows

IExpandableTableRow - we need some extra properties to provide this functionality
AbstractExpandableTableRow - Our new Row (You have to provide the expanded content)
ExpandableTableRowSkin - How we actually layout the row / expanded content

package: codemonkeycorner.expandabletablerows.example

Person - example data
PersonRow (extends AbstractExpandableTableRow) - provides content for the details view
TestRunner - Creates an example table using the person data and row

Example in Action .....

Not quite so fast.....

To be honest I thought I had solved this issue really quickly without much hassle, right up until I hit the sort button on a column. Thats when I realized that the rows are reused when you sort, the data associated with the rows changes. This is great for performance but caused a real headache for the expanding rows. That meant I could not keep the expanded state of a row local. There had to be some external keeper (the data itself in my example) to store that data. That also meant every time the item changed I needed to update the layout as well for size and content. It IS all complete now however due this problem I am still not entirely happy with the results. My original solution was a bit more clear cut and had better separation of concerns.